New Montessori toddler program at Fulham Gardens

We are excited to announce that we will be offering a traditional Montessori toddler program for children aged 18 months – 3 years at our Fulham Gardens centre commencing January 2018.

The Toddler program takes advantage of the toddler’s natural drive to act independently. Montessori advances each child’s growth and development through a rich and and well prepared environment designed just for toddlers.

Imagine your two-year-old toddler saying a heartfelt “thank you” for your help; setting a table for lunch; rushing to help wipe up a friend’s water spill; sweeping the floor at the end of the day; and modelling for his younger friends how to use the toilet successfully. Imagine your spirited toddler able to concentrate on a task, able to wait patiently for his turn with the puzzle, and walking around his friend’s work rather than trampling all over it. Imagine a community of toddlers who truly enjoy each other’s company and care about their friends’ daily ups and downs. These are common scenes to be found in a Montessori Toddler Community. The Montessori House program for toddlers is a nurturing and developmentally-responsive alternative to traditional childcare.

The goal of Montessori House’s Toddler Community is to provide a home-like, loving environment where children’s abilities and needs are respected and met. “Help me to help myself” is the mantra of the growing toddler, and our teachers closely observe your child in order to best meet this need. The classroom is capped at 15 students who, over the course of one or two years, grow together into a close-knit, caring community.

The program is designed to eliminate unnecessary transitions, allowing children to remain in the same familiar and protected setting, with the same adults, during the school day. Research indicates that these transitions are very difficult for very young children, who require consistency and order in their day.

The children who enrol in our Toddler Community program will find that it is an extension of their home environment. After the two-hour morning cycle, the children may play outside in the beautiful outdoor environment created especially for them. They have a lunch which is supplied from home; the children share responsibility for setting the table and for cleaning up after meals. After lunch, toddlers are given the opportunity to nap or rest. The afternoon portion of the day also provides opportunities for outside play and care of the outdoor environment, music and movement and other group activities.

For more information, please contact our Fulham Gardens centre on (08) 8356 5050 or email

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